Bathroom Trends for 2023

Although it's a room rooted in function, the bathroom is the perfect space to use your creativity. Bathroom design schemes should be built to last, but that doesn't mean you need to keep dated finishes, fixtures, or styles. There are endless ways to refresh your design (without a full remodel), whether with a new bathroom vanity, some beautiful wallpaper design, or the addition of beautiful new lighting. These can all keep it fresh and inviting.

If you are planning a complete remodel, there are many things to think about incorporating into your design.

  • Do you want radiant heat floors?
  • Do you want a towel warmer or a warming draw?
  • Do you want a spa-like retreat, or do you want a bold statement?
  • Do you want a simple showerhead, or would you like multiple showerheads?

I am going to share some trends for you to consider, whether it is just an update or remodel.

Radiant Heat Floors and Towel Warmers

There are two types of radiant heat for floors -hydronic, which is heated by water-filled pipes with heat coming from the boiler system. Electric radiant heat floors use electric wires or mats to warm the floor tiles. Both provide efficient heat for the bathroom and help cut heating bills overall. Many of my clients also enjoy having a towel warmer to help keep their towels nice and toasty! Another way to do this is to build in a towel-warming drawer if you do not like the look of a towel warmer.

from kellydesigns

Multiple shower heads, or Just one?

While it seems like an extra expense, having multiple shower heads can really be nice. If the shower is larger, you can add a rain shower above, a regular shower on the sides, and a handheld. The handheld comes in handy, especially when cleaning the shower!

from kellydesigns

Calm and soothing, or bold?

Tile is a fantastic way to create a statement in the bathroom. Fun mosaics, which are a work of art, or subway tiles stacked in a vertical pattern or herringbone pattern, can set the tone for the whole bath. Rich, deep colors are really on trend for 2023. Fun and vibrant wallpapers are also showing up in many bathrooms. To create a more Zen experience, add in some lush greenery and organic textural elements.

from kellydesigns

from kellydesigns

from Jeff Herr

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting can be an element that can change the way the entire room looks and feels. With brass still very much on trend, these alabaster and brass sconces add a sculptural element to this bath which elevates the entire room.

from Chad Mellon

from kellydesigns

Having lights built right into the mirror is another trend that is really popular. This keeps the design simple and modern.

Matte Black Fixtures

Even small powder rooms can be a place to make a statement. Lean into the small space, add bold tile choices, wallpaper, or a colorful vanity. Matte black has been the new kid on the block, making its way into fixtures and design elements in a big way.

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As always, kellydesigns is here to help to make sure you are making a smart investment.