from Rachel Ray

6 Amazing Tips that Will Make Thanksgiving Cleanup a Breeze!

Tip 1: To avoid having to clean your oven, line the bottom with a large sheet of foil to catch any drippings.
Tip 2: Eliminate the need to scrub your baking pans by lining them with parchment paper.
Tip 3: When it comes time to load the dishwasher, you’ll have less food to scrape off your dishes if throughout the day you add them to a sink (or commercial dish pan) filled with soapy water.
Tip 4: Label your trash bins so guests know exactly where everything goes. Then, at the bottom of each bin put 1 or 2 extra trash bags, so it’s right there when you need it.
Tip 5: Set out inexpensive plastic containers and bags so that your guests can help themselves to leftovers and bag them up themselves! Include a sharpie so that guests can write their names, and then set the bags by the front door so people won’t forget them when they leave.