Accent Wall

5 Ways You Can Give Your Home A Designer Look (without breaking the bank)

You don't have to live in a mansion for your home to appear luxurious. Let's face it, not  everyone wants that much space. The problem is that most often larger homes come with desirable features that are typically NOT in smaller homes. However, I've worked with my Fairfield and Westchester clients, to overcome that challenge, and give even the smallest of spaces a curated look.

Here are reasonable investments that you can make to your own home, that just may have guests asking you if you hired an Interior Designer.

Create an accent wall.

Creating a focal point in your room with an accent wall can turn a room from ordinary to stunning. There are so many options including wallpaper in an endless variety of textures and patterns, stone facing and custom woodwork from shiplap to decorative wood trim. An accent wall sets a stylish tone for whatever look you are after whether its coastal, traditional, transitional or modern.

throw pillows

Add new throw pillows.

It's amazing how nice throw pillows can change the whole look of your upholstered pieces and enrich the ambience of a room. I opt for pillows with rich patterns, textures and feather inserts and pair them with throws of soft luxurious material.

You can find a nice selection in my store or request that we custom make a pillow cover for you in our local workroom.

Add an architectural detail.

There's nothing like custom woodwork to give a room a high-end look. Crown moldings and treatments like wood beams and coffered ceilings can easily be added to your home. They bring your eyes upward making even the smallest of rooms appear spacious and impressive.

architectural detail

Style your bookshelf.

You really get a lot of bang for your buck here and its fun to do. The bookshelf is often a repository for things that you don't know where else to put and does not contribute to the overall look of a room. On the contrary well styled shelves with artfully arranged books and decor that you love will give your room a curated look that is peaceful and enjoyable to be in.


Hang drapes from the floor to the ceiling.

I often design and hang drapes from the highest point on the ceiling down to the floor and wider than the actual window.This creates a larger overall look and feel to the window and the room. Actually making the space feel larger.

If you have existing drapes that you love, no problem. We can easily add a panel to the bottom to give your space the illusion of grandeur.

There are so many things you can do to upgrade the look of your home. Check out my blog and contact kellydesigns anytime to set up a consultation. Have fun creating a little candy for your decor! You can also check out my ideabook on Houzz for some creative ideas.