5 Ways to Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Summer may be a ways off yet, but with Spring here and days getting longer and warmer, I thought I would share five tips on how to spruce up your outdoor space.


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Stay warm

Make your space as comfortable, cozy, and inviting. Heaters make an otherwise unusable patio so enjoyable. Depending on the size of your outdoor space, get a freestanding unit or one that is built in (with the help of an electrician). There are freestanding units and ceiling units that can provide an extra layer of warmth on chilly spring nights.

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Light up the night

Great lighting can always help make a space feel updated and set a mood for a festive or relaxing time. Outdoor pendants, string lights, twinkle lights, and in-ground uplights are all great ways to set the vibe for the outdoors, curating an atmosphere while providing illumination.

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A small but mighty investment is a couple of rechargeable lamps. They are lightweight & portable, so you can move them around, and they add a sophisticated touch to the atmosphere too.

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Add A Fire Feature

You no longer have to miss out if you don’t have the setup for a Fireplace or Fire pit. Simply purchase a self-contained unit. A fire table can be a source of heat, ambiance, and utility! These come in two varieties: gas or earth-friendly propane.

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If wood-burning fires are your thing, consider a unit like a SOLO stove or a beautiful stone patio fireplace.

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Add a Water Feature

Adding a water feature is a beautiful way to provide a living and moving piece of artwork that is eye-catching and adds sound and movement to your space. If you suffer from noisy neighbors or traffic, a water feature provides calming sounds of running water to minimize annoying background noise. There are a variety of ways to add a water feature, depending on how big or small you want it, and if you would prefer running or still water.

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Make it Colorful and Pretty

The prettier your outdoor space, the more inviting it will be for you and your guests. Add different colored pots and flowers to create visual interest. Group together different sizes and styles for a fuller look, and inject some vibrancy with new-season plants for instant color. If you are a minimalist, a few Ferns styled in neutral pots will breathe life into your patio, or if you prefer a more relaxed country garden feel, you can have fun planting your favorite perennials in garden pots of different sizes. If planting annuals in pots, follow the rule of Thrill, Spill, Fill. Add a tall center plant for the thrill to create height, add a vine for the spill, and others for the fill surrounding the center plant.

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Hopefully, you’ll get to use your backyard oasis more by implementing one or more of these ideas.

As always, if you have any questions or need help, please reach out to me at kelly@kellydesignsofct.com.


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