Aged Brass

5 Old Design Trends That Have Become New Again

Passe or chic? These five vintage interior design trends have come full circle and are showing up in the poshest of homes. So does this mean your grandma's house is IN? Not exactly because as is with any design trend, the comeback is slightly different. These are some of the retro design trends that my Fairfield and Westchester clients have been adding to their homes to give it that refreshed and current look.


Aged Brass

Most people were surprised to hear that gold fixtures were coming back but they did come back in a BIG way! Today they're adding a delightful accent to all sorts of design styles. We're not talking about those shiny gold bathroom fixtures, we're talking muted antique brass on everything from light fixtures to cocktail tables to hardware on furniture and of course bathroom fixtures too. Today's brass is understated, adds a pop of color and shows just a hint of luxury. My favorite place to use brass is in the Kitchen with white cabinets, blue or grey tones, and Cararra marble counters because it adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise completely casual space.


No blog post on old trends becoming new again would be complete without mentioning WALLPAPER. Today, instead of wallpapering every wall of a room or in some cases, the entire house, wallpaper is best used in smaller doses. With limitless patterns and textures, wallpaper looks great in any room. You can use it as an accent in a living space or bedroom, to bring cheer to a home office and to jazz up a bathroom. Don't be afraid to go bold with your choices. You can always swap it out when you get tired of it but for longevity opt for your favorite colors and patterns. I especially love how wallpaper brings a fun hip vibe to an otherwise vanilla space.

Blush Pink

In the late 80's and 90's Rose was a hot color and was used on upholstery and walls. Well, today PINK makes it's appearance again in a new muted version that can be used as a neutral that even men can live with. You can use it for an accent wall or as a pop of color on a piece of upholstery. It is just the right color to bring warmth to a grey and white room, pairs well with rattan for that beachy vibe and looks great in every style home from modern to traditional.


Speaking of Rattan, WOW what an update from the standard wicker furniture we saw 20+ years ago. We're not just talking outdoor pieces for a Nantucket style porch or peacock chairs from Pier 1 anymore. You can now find beautiful tables, chairs, accent pieces, Paris bistro stools and lighting options in the best of stores. If you want a casual, relaxed or coastal vibe, adding a rattan piece will accomplish any of that not to mention injecting a lot of character and texture into a neutral space.


Do you remember wood paneling? You know those brown most often fake wood vertical wall panels.? They were typically used in basements as a material of choice but also made its way into Bedrooms and Dens. Well today we're using a form of paneling again but this time it's a crisp and clean version called SHIPLAP. While it started out being used in Bathrooms and Mud Rooms, it has now made its way into every room in the house. You can get shiplap in primed wood that you paint or in solid wood in a variety of textures and grades. Shiplap is a hot trend today and perfect if you want to achieve a casual relaxed vibe in your home.

When it comes to home design, these old trends have certainly been updated to make a come back in new and creative ways. If you think your home could use a refresh try implementing one of these trends to give your home that modern vibe. As always, if you need help contact kellydesigns for a consultation or an interior design redo.