3 Important Tips To Make Your Ceilings Feel Higher

The look and feel of a tall ceiling can really elevate the way a room feels. The truth is, not every home can boast 9’ or taller ceilings. If you are designing a room around shorter ceilings, you need to get creative in order to fashion a grander and more open space. Here are some ideas on how to achieve that without a major renovation.

Do Not Underestimate the Capacity of Wall Treatments

We love using wall treatments to help make a room feel grand. When done correctly, they can actually draw the eye up and elongate the room. A good vertical board and batten or shiplap can really add some needed height to any room.


from Angela Rose


from decoralist

Incorporate Beams or Coffered Ceilings

Whether it is beams, coffered ceilings, shiplap -any ceiling treatment can force the eye up and make a room feel larger


From Studio Mc Gee

Coffered Ceilings

From kellydesigns

Place Your Window Treatments Strategically

Placing your drapery rods about 3-5” from the crown molding or ceiling goes a long way to make a room appear larger. It really tricks the eye into thinking the room has higher ceilings

Window Treatments

from kellydesigns

Window Treatments

from kellydesigns

Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to get creative.

As always, if you have any questions or need help, please reach out to me @kellydesigns.