2013 has got the blues….

Amongst the beautiful sorbet palette of pantone colors trends for 2013 is a monaco blue and a dusty blue that are so hot, they are trending everywhere!

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Take a look at our houzz ideabook to see some of the breathtaking wall colors, fabrics, rugs, upholstery and accessories all in shades of blue! They look fresh, stylish and are easy to work with in any home, in any room.

Browse Window Treatments on Houzz- For Example:

Having trouble deciding on lighting for your kitchen?

I usually suggest that functionality comes first before aesthetics in the kitchen. When choosing your lighting know your options! The main types of kitchen lighting are recessed lights or mounted overhead fixtures for general overhead light; under-cabinet lighting (linear tubes or puck lights) for lighting countertops; and pendants over sinks, counters, or islands for accent lighting. First you must think about how you’ll work in your kitchen and where you need the most task lighting. You want to make sure that the lighting is placed so that it illuminates all work surfaces and doesn’t cast any shadows across your work surface when you’re at the counter or island. Keeping in mind that the cook surface or range will, usually, be lit from the hood above, and you’ll want to light the sink with recessed lighting or pendant lighting. After that, see where you most need lighting on the countertops, and then light with under-cabinet lighting or recessed lighting over those areas. For an island,this is where the aesthetics can come into play, consider using eye-catching pendants or a fabulous chandelier over the kitchen table.

Quirky tip for the month:
Does your basement have a musty odor? To get rid of that musty smell you can place an open bag of charcoal in your basement to absorp the bad odors. Just make sure the bag says 100% natural with no additives like mesquite which can become toxic.