Front Porch

Whether your front entry serves just as a functional way to get into your home, or is big enough for you to sit down with your morning cup of coffee or even large enough for a gathering, you can create a welcoming atmosphere no matter what the size.

So now that spring has finally sprung, I thought it would be the ideal time to share with you the design techniques I share with my Fairfield and Westchester clients on how to create a warm and inviting front entry.

from Country Living - Tria Giovan
from Country Living - Tria Giovan

The next time you walk around your neighborhood notice how you feel when you look at the front of someone's home. When I walk by one that is stark, I get a cold empty feeling but when I pass by an entry that has been given love and attention, I can't help but feel the warmth that went into creating that space.

Let's start with an entry that has a small set of stairs leading up to the door. In this case, take caution not to crowd the space, but rather choose decor that will make a big impact. My two go-to elements are plants and color.

from Country Living - Nancy Fishelson
from Country Living - Nancy Fishelson

Here this architecturally pretty but bland entry has been beautifully enhanced by flanking the door with long and thin topiaries.

The overflowing flower pots are a welcome addition of color and placing them at different heights adds interest and allows for an unencumbered path to the door.
If they had added taller shrubs on either side of the steps and a colorful door mat it would have been perfect!

Moving on to front porches, there's nothing more classic than a couple of white rocking chairs. Without a doubt rockers, invoke a feeling of welcome and relaxation.
I like to take this traditional design nd make it a stand out by adding a bold pop of color. In my workroom, I create upholstery of durable outdoor fabrics and then add colorful decor. In this case the green stool and table really elevate the look of this porch and coordinate well with the landscape and painted blue ceiling.
The end result is a modern and sophisticated porch that also feels warm and inviting.

front porches
dream porch

Last but not least is the dream porch that is large enough for a conversation or dining nook or both. Think of this outdoor space as another living area. Decorate it not only in an aesthetically pleasing style but also in a way that will best accommodate how you will be using it. Using outdoor materials like Sunbrella and mildew resistant foam will help keep your cushions looking fresh for many years.

Create furniture groupings with traditional and modern pieces including upholstered furniture, Adirondack chairs and perhaps a swing or a day bed. Then add coordinating pillows, throws and plants.

If you have enough space for an eating area, make sure your chairs are not only good looking but comfy too! There are so many lovely products for outdoor that can fill this need! I work with many of these companies, so give me a call if you need help.

Let your creativity flow as you would in any living space inside your home. Add outdoor rugs, hanging and potted plants, garden stools and lanterns with candles. Don't neglect structural elements as well. Make sure your door hardware and wall fixtures are in good condition. As desired, add hanging lights for evenings and ceiling fans for those hot humid days.

eating area

Ultimately your front entry is a reflection of your personal style. When decorated tastefully and comfortably it will increase the size of your living space. It will also enhance the curb appeal and value of your home. If you need help creating an inviting front entry or porch, whether it's upholstery, plants or a full redesign kellydesigns is here to help.

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